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Add jobs from to your site offers the most profitable partnership program for web sites looking to add job search content to their web site.

MyJobHelper provides multiple opportunities to monetize your site traffic with job content, including an easy to use widget, the MyJobHelper API or a private label solution. You'll have access to millions of the highest paying jobs, many of which are exclusive to Get paid whenever your users click on employers' job ads. Sample Jobs


Benefits of Joining MyJobHelper's Partner Program


Your users visit your web site because you provide engaging content that you truly care about. And as much as 75% of your audience is in the market for a new job at any given time. provides access to millions of jobs from top companies like Apple, Google and Starbucks. Not only are your users being served by your site's content, they can now access valuable job opportunities that can provide them with the job they need. This is extraordinary content and a revenue potential major publications have taken advantage of for years.


Every time your users conduct a job search and click on job ads, you get paid. Our jobs are constantly being optimized to be relevant and perform for your site. Plus, by providing additional content for your visitors, you are also generating additional page and ad impressions on your site. With our easy to use widget and private label solutions, you can load your own ads alongside the job search results.

Our Publisher Solutions


  • Go live in minutes.
  • Multiple sizes and custom solutions available.
  • Customize to your audience based on job type or location.
  • Change and update your code at anytime.
  • Run within your existing site structure and provide additional content in which to run your own ads.
Publisher Solutions - Widget

Private Label

  • Go live in minutes.
  • Create your own job search result web site that has your own branding.
  • Provide a cohesive experience for your users with paid job search content that looks native to your own site.
  • Run within your existing site structure and provide additional content in which to run your own ads.
Publisher Solutions - Partner


  • For publishers that want the ultimate in customization.
  • Power your own job search experience, and access millions of jobs in real-time.
  • Filter jobs across many variables.
  • Implement throughout your site in a manner you see fit.