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Walmart Jobs Interview Process

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Current hiring jobs at Walmart
Types of interviews Walmart conducts
How to get ready for a Walmart job interview
What to wear to a Walmart job interview
How long a Walmart job interview takes
Interview questions during Walmart job interviews
Real-life examples of Walmart interviews
Advice for potential interviewees

Whether your goal is to be in a management position at Walmart or their affiliate Sam's Club, Walmart reportedly promotes more than 400 people per day and for first-year associates. As long as you are age 16 or older, you have the potential for growth should you be hired to work here.

Current hiring jobs at Walmart

For that reason alone, it is highly suggested to check out some of the entry-level positions that Walmart is currently hiring for:

  1. Cashiers
  2. Cart Attendant
  3. Janitorial
  4. Stocker (backroom and receiving)
  5. Sales Associate
  6. Fresh Food Associate
  7. Greeter

Walmart is also hiring for mid-level and specialty roles:

  1. Department Manager
  2. Remodel Associate (12-week job)
  3. Automotive Associative (specialty department)
  4. Vision Center Associate (specialty department)
  5. Asset Protection

Types of interviews Walmart conducts

While completing your 15-30 minute online application, you have the option to choose multiple locations for the particular job you're interested in. You do not have to fill out the same application multiple times for that job.

Walmart hiring managers will determine whether your background is a fit for that store or another, in addition to whether your background matches what they're looking for in that store department/area. If you are not selected, you will be notified electronically but timing may vary, depending on location. If you find other positions that you feel you are more suited for, even after initial rejection, your application information remains on file for 60 days. You may apply for other positions, as well as Sam's Club jobs.

If you are chosen to come in for an in-person interview, you will arrive at that store to speak with the hiring manager. If a pre-employment offer is made, you may have to agree to a background check and drug screening, depending on the position.

How to get ready for a Walmart job interview

Once you are called in for an interview, be prepared with a "cover letter approach." Just as recruiters read cover letters to see why you applied for a particular job and what makes you relevant, be prepared to discuss that the minute you walk through the sliding doors. Even if your experience is digital cameras and social media posts, a photo lab hiring manager will want to know that you are interested enough in photography to want to focus in on it for six to eight hours. If organization is not one of your strengths, then maybe the Shoe department isn't for you. You may thrive better in customer service areas such as working as a Store Greeter. Let the hiring managers know where your strengths are.

What to wear to a Walmart job interview

Although the store dress code is reasonably casual, it never hurts to be more formal during a job interview. Walmart prides itself on store organization and presentation, so wear something that says presentable and neat. Slacks, knee-length skirts or pants, a button-down shirt or blouse, and maybe a blazer are acceptable interview attire. A suit is highly recommended for managerial roles, especially if you know you'll be speaking to higher-ups during the initial employment screening.

How long a Walmart job interview takes

Usually the hiring manager will let you know ahead of time whether you will be interviewing with multiple people. The length of time often depends on the job and the hierarchy of the department. If you're applying to the Photo department, you may just need to speak with the Photo Manager. If you're applying to the Auto department, you may need to be interviewed by a a General Manager as well as the Auto Manager to confirm your auto knowledge and customer service knowledge. Each manager you speak with may be looking for something different to see if you fit in with the store culture.

Interview questions during Walmart job interviews

Be prepared to discuss a time when you went out of your way to help a customer. If you've never worked in retail before, be ready to share your favorite story in which a retail representative helped you. It is by no mistake that Walmart founder Sam Walton has had Store Greeters by the doors since the '80s. Providing a welcoming environment for all customers is as much of a priority as being familiar with the potential job department you'll work in.

Real-life examples of Walmart interviews for cashiers and other store representatives

One future photo lab associate just happened to be at the right place at the right time. After working as a cashier and backup photo lab representative for Walgreen's, she graduated from college and moved back home to find a new job. While dropping off photos at Walmart, she asked the manager if he was hiring. After informing him that her minor in college was photography and learning that she'd already been trained to develop film, he asked "When can you start?" Less than a week later, she was hired.

The example above may not always be the case though. Another interviewee had the opposite reaction to the speed and pattern of the interview.

A second Walmart associate commented that onetime interviews are a "thing of the past." With the increase in screening interviews, and phone interviews followed by in-person interviews, be ready for multiple interviews. Some stores may choose to do group interviews if they need to hire multiple at once. (Think of the holiday season or new store openings.)

And no matter how many people you interview with, don't be shy.

A grocery manager and produce associate encouraged applicants to ask questions about any part of the job description, benefits and/or scheduling that may not be initially clear. Answer questions honestly and truthfully as well to avoid potential confusion later.

Be ready to respond to these kinds of questions:
What is the one reason you want to work for Walmart?
What is one thing you have done for someone else above and beyond your job description?
What made you leave your last job?
Why do you want to work in this particular department?

Advice for potential interviewees

Although television shows over the years may lead people to think otherwise, retail jobs are not just people looking for a second gig, temporary jobs for the holidays and/or teenagers at their first job. According to the Families and Work Institute, the average age of retail employees is 37. But the inclusive nature of retail proves there are opportunities to work with a diverse staff.

  1. Approximately 39 percent are under the age of 28.
  2. Seven percent are over the age of 62.
  3. Male employees are only slightly higher than female employees at a ratio of 52 percent to 48 percent.

In addition to being able to talk about your best customer service memory and why you want a particular Walmart job, research the behind-the-scenes details ahead of time. For example, if one of your top priorities is immediate health insurance, a part-time job with a review period of 52 weeks probably will not work for you. Make sure to tell the hiring manager that you are more interested in full-time opportunities. The full-time waiting period is 89 days, a much shorter onboarding process for medical, dental and vision coverage.

While employee assessment tests may be considered a pain, you may find that completing one on your own helps you understand where you fit into the retail world.
For example, a "Woo" personality is more of a peacemaker and enjoys people's company. This is perfect for a Store Greeter.

An "Achiever" may work better in a managerial position or even as a Stocker. This person enjoys having a checklist and having a clear focus from the beginning of her shift until completion.

A "Command" mentality needs to be in charge, so seeing areas of opportunity in a management position are a necessity. This personality also enjoys learning new things. If there's an opportunity to learn a new skill for monetary advancement, expect the "Command" person to volunteer to do it.

A "Strategic Thinker" could be great as a Sales Associate setting up areas to look eye-catching to customers. This person has more of a marketing mentality.

Why does this matter? According to High5Test:

  1.  People who have a chance to use their strengths are on average 74 percent more engaged at work.
  2. Awareness of one's strengths enables individuals to be 31 percent more productive.
  3. Knowing each other's strengths makes the team 12 percent more effective.

While job reviews are as likely to compliment a past employer as they are to compliment a past employer, pay attention to how these three test evaluation tips fit the person speaking about a past job. Or, think about your own past jobs. Were you engaged with your work? Do you know your own strengths? Did your manager and/or team know that your strengths could better improve your workday and the work culture? If not, find a Walmart job  that does just that for you so you'll want to stick around long enough to be one of the 400 people who gets promoted daily.

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